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Our Latest Blog Entry

March 21st, 2021

Home Improvement Delaware LLC is currently offering the following services, as of 3/31/2021: Quality Home Renovations, Cash Paid For Houses, Professionally Certified Property Inspections, Homes For Sale, Construction, Repairs, and General Maintenance Services, Home and Office Cleaning + Auto's

Our Second Blog Entry

February 28th, 2021

We buy houses to help folks avoid foreclosures, and are mailing out postcards to homeowners with properties in our area. We also buy places that are vacant, and those in need of repairs as well. Cash is paid in full, including closing costs and fees, whenever you're ready to sell. No worries if the property is in need of repairs; we can still provide you with a reasonable offer and buy it in as is condition, even places so distressed that realtors won't agree to list on the market due to disrepair.

Our First Blog Entry Of The New Year

January 1st, 2021

We buy vacant houses, such as rentals, beach homes, and extra properties that you'd like to liquidate, even those in need of minor/ major renovations. No risk is involved on your part, and should you decide to sell, we will provide you with an enerst money deposit to prove that we are serious about doing the deal, along with all of the required legal documents. We even cover one hundred percent of closing costs, fee's, and title (deed) insurance.