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Indoor Gardening

If you've ever dreamed of having an amazing indoor grow room yet felt as though it'd cost too much time, effort, or resources, then perhaps we can convince you that its worth your while to reconsider. We've proven any closet sized space or larger can be converted into an affordable indoor garden that has the potential to save you money while providing a source of fresh produce year round. Perhaps the most satisfying part of it all is getting to enjoy homegrown produce that you personally grew with loving care.

Whether you'd like to grow using a fancy hydroponic set-up, the old fashioned way in the dirt, or a hybrid medium such as rock wool, it requires the proper balance of lightning, temperature, humidity, pH levels, good water, pest control, and so forth. Once the conditions have been dialed in your fruit and vegetable seeds will sprout into a fun and relaxing hobby that promotes self sustainability along with a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

Purchasing a grow box can save time, effort, and project costs.