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On-Point Mechanic's


24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile Mechanic Services Courtesy of Our Friend John Hensley and His Crew

If you're vehicle encounters any mechanical troubles, or the keys have been locked inside, and you're wondering who to call, our friend John Hensley is a professional worth contacting. He owns On-Point Mechanic's, a 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance and Mobile Mechanic Service Provider located in Sussex county, Delaware.

Contact On-Point Mechanic's at (302)515-4538

Keys Locked In Vehicle

Most everyone has locked the keys inside a vehicle at least once, and it pays to know somebody honest who you can call for help, especially if weather is harsh or the vehicle is still running and fufu is inside. Call John and you'll be safe and relieved. He even accepts credit and debit cards if you don't have any paper money on hand.

Car or Truck Won't Start

Whether you're at home wanting to go, or out and about wanting to get back home, it's always a rough day when a vehicle won't start. It could be any number of reasons, and it pays to contact a professional mechanic who can travel to your location. That way, he can diagnose the problem and help you get back on the road again.

Vehicle Stopped Running

You were driving home from the grocery store and all of a sudden the vehicle stopped working. Now you're wondering if the groceries will still be good by the time you get them back home with a tow truck. Our friend John at On-Point Mechanic's in Sussex county Delaware can fix any number of mechanical issues by driving to you.

Tune-Up's & Maintenance

On-Point also specializes in routine vehicle maintenance, such as tune-up's, brakes, fluid changes, spark plug replacement, oil and filter changes, new drive belts, new timing belts, replacing water pumps and radiator hoses, new batteries and alternators, plus several more automotive repairs and preventative maintenance services.